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After living in the south-east for 50 years I’ve upped sticks and moved 100 miles north. For years I’d travelled with my fishing pal Dave ‘Pikey’ Pearson and every year we would fish two or three matches at the Glebe Fishery near Leicester. The Glebe is a very special place and I’d said many times to Dave that one day I would move up there. Well, I had retired and it was time for a change. I found myself a little bungalow in the village of Desford, Leics. It’s 2.4 miles from The Glebe !!.

The Glebe is a members-only fishery, owned by Roy Marlow. It’s a great fishery and it’s very pretty and very well looked after. Each year a good many clubs book one or more lakes for a competition but with 8 lakes on the complex there’s always somewhere for the members to fish.

The Glebe Fishery
This aerial photo of the Glebe Fishery was taken in 2014

When the fishery was originally constructed in the 1990’s it consisted of just pools 1, 2 and 3. As the fish arrived to be stocked all of the prettiest fish were put into Pool 2 and the…should we say less pretty were put into Pool 3. That’s how Pool 2 became Pretties and Pool 3 Uglies. Pretties and Uglies are match fished only a handful of times each year and the remainder of the time they are reserved for the members pleasure fishing. The fish in Uglies average around 9 – 10 lbs each and there are literally thousands of them. There’s no better way of spending a warm summer’s evening than going down to Uglies armed with a bag of floating dog biscuits (chum mixers soaked in a little water to make them spongy and hookable). Tie 10 ft of 0.22 line to the end of the pole, at the other end tie in a size 10 or 12 hook and flip out a dog biscuit, then hold on tight as it’s eaten by a monster from the deep…awesome!.

Competition wise, we have a fortnightly Sunday members match, together with a three hour Wednesday evening match during the summer months. After 1st October there is a members match every Sunday through to the end of March.

Because people travel from all over the country to fish our lakes we are always being asked how it’s fishing, what baits to bring, how many keepnets will they need etc etc, so I decided to do a little blog about my exploits on this very special fishery. Our season runs from 1st June through to 31st March, so I’ve decided to go back a few weeks to the start of the 2015 – 2016 season.