The Glebe – First Week of the New Season

We’ve had a two month closed season which gave us time to do a few odd jobs around the fishery. Major improvement is the installation of a generator and positioning aerators in all of the lakes. This was a pretty massive (and expensive) job, the cable running from the generator up to Uglies is over 250m long and cost over £700.

It’s been a really cold spring, in fact most of the Glebe fish haven’t spawned yet. Our first members evening match was held last Wednesday (1st June) and I drew peg 16. Wind was from the North-East and I sat and shivered for three hours. Weighed in 80 lb for nowhere, Andrew Williams hammered me from the next peg, winning the match with 150 lbs.

Saturday was the first round of Kev Sim’s Saturday league. With 21 anglers on Pool 1 the pegging is always going to be difficult. I devised an awesome pegging plan which seemed incredibly fair but was told to “peg my own match” LOL.  We’re not allowed to moan about the pegging but it was rubbish !!, how can you peg 11,12 & 13, then give the man on 15 an empty peg both sides, then peg four in a row from 17 to 20 ?. Anyhow, I was lucky enough to draw Peg 4 with Peg 3 empty and my mate Doddy (Darren Dodd) on Peg 5.  The fish still aren’t happy with you lashing in corn like we did a couple of seasons back, you needed to feed accurately i.e. with a pot on the pole. I was pleased to see that I caught a fair number of fish on my old favourite, Marukyu Credence Corn. Fished corn for most of the match, then caught a few fish late in the margins with groundbait and dead reds. Finished with 134 lb 8 oz, just one fish behind the angler on Peg 2 and a mile behind Jamie Adcock on flyer Peg 1, so third in section…not brilliant but not too terrible. If I can avoid some of those pegs with anglers both sides for the remaining 5 matches I’ll hopefully end up in the top half of the table. Oh and I used just 2 tins of corn.

Sunday was an “away team” match on Pools 6 & 7. With only a dozen anglers spread over the two lakes, giving everybody an empty peg on both sides, it was always likely to be a big weight affair. To be honest, I wasn’t too worried where I drew, there was hardly a breath of wind, so the fish weren’t going to be blown to one end of the lake and Pools 6 & 7 both seemed to be fishing to a similar standard. I drew Peg 100, an awesome feeder peg…what a waste !. Actually, I had taken my feeder rods with me and I set one up just in case I was desperate. I had 4 casts with it, all in a different spot and caught one small carp…why do I bother?. Anyhow, just like yesterday I tried the top 2 + 3  and top 2 plus 1 trick. Starting on top 2 plus 3, feeding with a pole cup, I would loose feed the inside line at the same time. Once more the inside line was a total failure, had a few looks and didn’t get a single bite there. The top 2 + 3 line was producing fish steadily and I stayed on it for the first 4 hours of our six hour match. With a couple of hours left I decided to take a look at my edge peg. I’d mixed up a bag of groundbait with a couple of pints of dead reds and had potted a few pots down the edge at intervals during the match. I’d also made up a bait box of paste, and decided to try that in the edge to start with, cupping a small amount of micros or hemp in with the paste. First cast the float buried and a decent carp found its way into my keepnet. That kept happening fairly steadily until the end of the match and I ended up winning our little knock-up with 214 lbs. A brilliant day, fishing the methods that I enjoy fishing and I didn’t have to buy the ice creams, I was fourteen and a half pounds out with my estimate and John Duncan was fifteen pounds out with his !!.

I’ve now got a couple of quiet weeks with Wednesday evening matches and Sunday club matches before it gets busier with an MFS two dayer later in the month. Perhaps I’ll sneak down to Uglies one evening with a bag of Chum Mixers to see if I can catch a few off the top.