Alders Farm – Wednesday 12th August

A marauding gang of bandits led by “Atilla” Price journeyed up  from Alders Farm a couple of weeks back and in a 10 a side match gave the Glebe team a good hiding. This was the return match at Alders Farm Fishery near Milton Keynes. To be honest, I didn’t want to fish, it was a long drive, the M1 has a 30 mile stretch of roadworks, and I would be back late which meant putting the dog in kennels for the night but in the end a few of our people had to work, Roy’s wife Sue is unwell so he couldn’t travel so I gave in and agreed to fish.

What a great decision !!…What a great day !!…What a great fishery!!.

We were brilliantly looked after by the fishery owners Lewis and his charming wife Charlotte, ably assisted by the Alders Farm regulars led by Trevor Price. Teas, coffees and a BBQ before the match, teas and cakes after the match and an absolute thrashing in between…what more could you ask for?.

Trevor had sorted out the sections to make an equal number of good pegs for each team, giving a good, a nearly as good and a not quite so good section. I drew peg 10 in the not quite so good section and caught fish all match for 156 lb of carp, nearly all in the 2 – 3 lb bracket. At the other end of my section local superstar Nick Darke had 250 lb (he also had 250 lb at the Glebe match), so I was 2nd in my section. Sadly, Alders Farm had the top FIVE weights, we were well and truly battered.

A quick word about how my fishing day went. It started badly when, whilst trying to move a little branch out of the way on the tree to the right of my peg, I put one of my favourite Wilkie floats plus my all time favourite plummet into the greenery and the line broke. The little branch was 2″ out of reach and as much as I tried, that float and plummet sat there all afternoon mocking my efforts (I did get the float back afterwards but the plummet is gone but never forgotten).

At the Glebe members match last Sunday I’d been talking to Pete Bailey and he was saying that the Alders guys use frozen corn. I’d always thought that frozen corn floated but Pete told me how to make it sink. So I’d arrived at Alders  with 4kg of once frozen corn, suitably treated to make it sink (you stick it in a container and cover it in boiling water, then when the water is cool, tip it off and keep the corn damp). Laying about in my spare room was a little container of smelly additive that originally came from Mr Price. It was labelled smokey pineapple and he’d given it to Roy. Roy had said that his fish had never seen a pineapple, let alone a smoked one and he’d promptly given it to me. It was the right colour, smelled kind of fruity so I tipped it into the two containers of corn. Whilst messing with the corn I noticed that there were lots more little bits of corn, not whole kernels but just bits in the frozen stuff compared to the tins from Lidl’s, so came up with a cunning plan for hookbait. Spent half an hour cutting kernels of Marukyu Credence Corn in half, together with cutting up the bits of stuff that the corn is attached to when you buy it. The plan worked a treat, I caught all but one of my fish on halves or maggot sized bits of Credence Corn. The one time that I put a whole kernel of Credence on the hook I had to wait longer for a bite and when I did get one the carp was firmly hooked in the tail !!.

Whilst watching the weigh in it was obvious that some people caught much bigger fish than others, so now I’m wondering if it’s just a case of the big fish living in certain areas or if I did it all wrong and should have beaten the Darke Knight by fishing differently and catching proper sized carp.

Chatting to Trev after the match he told us that when they came to our place the M1 was closed on the way home, giving them a nightmare journey (he was worrying that they might have to spend the night in a brothel !). Well, although we had to do 50 mph for 30 miles in each direction, the journey both ways went without incident so the brothel was never on the cards.

Thanks again Alders Farm for a really enjoyable day…let’s do it all again next year eh ?