Angling Trust Masters + Packington Gearys Lake

On Saturday I helped Roy and Ken run the Angling Trust Masters match. With calm conditions, sunshine and 102 anglers on the fishery it was never going to be easy and that’s how it turned out. As Roy said at the results, it was a fishing match rather than a catching match.

It was great to see some old faces from down south, the Masters is like a who’s who of the match fishing world, lotsĀ  of great anglers and I’m really sorry that it was such a struggle for so many people. Wandering around the lakes, you could see where the weights were likely to come from, Uglies was chocolate brown whereas the small lakes (4, 5, 6 and 7) were very clear considering that we are supposed to be at the height of summer.

Anyways, the top two individuals were separated by just a pound, with Warren Martin having 216 lb against the 215 lb from Jase Brown fishing next to him. Top 3 weights all came from Uglies, no surprise there. The team result was equally close with Pino’s Pals beating Frenzee Match Catch by a couple of pounds after they had tied on points.

The anglers and the manufacturers supporting some of the teams did an awesome job at supplying prizes for the biggest raffle you’ll ever see, there must have been 100 prizes, so well done and thanks !!

Sunday the “away team” were on Geary’s Big Lake at Packington. Conditions were the same as yesterday, flat calm and sunny, not great weather for bream fishing. We had a couple of people on holiday, so only 11 anglers but I still couldn’t draw one of the flyers and pulled out Peg 11 (last time I was on Peg 9, I’m working my way towards the good end). There were plenty of carp cruising around in the middle of the lake but we fish pole only on this venue, so it was a case of trying to catch a few proper skimmers whilst hoping that the odd carp would wander into the edge later in the match.

I started in front of me at about 10 metres but after 3 or 4 put-ins hadn’t had a sign. Switched to the right hand margin under an overhanging tree. The right hand side was about 6″ deeper than the left and I stayed there for the rest of the day, switching between 10ft from the bank and tight in the edge. Caught a few skimmers but you couldn’t get them to settle, you’d get a decent skimmer then next cast a 4″ blob of slime…I really don’t like little tiny skimmers!. The same thing would happen if and when a carp appeared, you’d get a carp, then next cast a 4″ skimmer, a sure sign that the carp hadn’t moved into the swim in any numbers. I caught a few fish on 8mm JPz and a few on bunches of dead reds, all the time cupping in slop containing an assortment of loose offerings. Finished with an estimated 67 lb . Barry Rowlands had weighed in 67 lb 8 oz from feature peg 16 and I just scraped past him with 72 lbs. I’d have been happy to see Barry win this one, he’s always willing to help with weighing in, work parties etc but isn’t too successful on the matches. Anyways, he finished second and his wife Toni finished 4th, so a good result for them.

I’ll probably fish the evening match on Wednesday, it might be the last one of the year…where has the summer gone?. Then it’s the fifth round of Kev Sim’s summer league on pool 1 on Saturday and a members match on Sunday.