What are some great dog friendly things to do in CA?

dvnt1 asked:

My SO and I are thinking about renting a car and just driving the coast and we are bringing are two Vizsla’s with us. What are some great dog friendly things to do or great places to go in CA with our pooches? We’re up for just about anything. I’ve checked dog friendly websites for some ideas but thought I’d check here too.

Which of these dog breeds do you think I should get?

ontario ashley asked:

The details: I am at work 8 hrs per day but do come home at lunch for an hour. I will take time off to spend extra time with the puppy when she’s young.

I live in the city, medium backyard, looking to go for walks and to play frisbee at the park every evening or at least every other evening.

Prefer a low-shedding dog with minimal barking. Don’t have any kids, planning on doing obedience training.

Here are the breeds I have narrowed down to:

– Canaan Dog
– Entlebucher Mountain Dog
– Miniature Australian Shepherd
– Vizsla

Any thoughts?? Thanks!

Weimaraner’s and Vizsla’s with cats?

Nikki T. asked:


I just want to know if there is anyone out there that has experience with Weimaraner’s or Vizsla’s and cats. I am looking at getting a little half Weimaraner half Vizsla puppy and I own a cat. I have read that Vizsla’s are ok with cats but Weimaraner’s are not.

I have heard stories from others about dogs and cats getting along no matter what breed as long as they are raised from young. My cat is only a few months old as well.

Anyone with experience or advice, that would be great.

Vizsla Potty Train?

FirstTwenty asked:

I own a Vizsla and am having a hard time (or I think) keeping her from ****** in her kennel. She is 3 months old, which might be a reason for me to not let this bother me, but she pees everyday in her kennel while we are at work. If you think she is too young for this to be a problem that answer will work too, I just would like some reassurance. Shes totally potty trained when we are home, She will ring the bell at the door, we don’t have to follow her outside she goes right away to her potty place and goes and if she wants she will come back to the door to be back in or she will hang out outside. She gets PLENTY of excersize daily, Im very energetic person which is why I knew this dog was a good breed to choose from when I researched. She gets 2 -3 hours of excersize right now, sometimes intense excersize when theres other dogs near. Always a wlak before bed.
The problem I might think we have, is the excersize before we goto work. its at a minimal becasue I work at 5am
and she works at 8 so we have little time for excersize before work. She is in the kennel from 7:45-11:15 (3 1/2 hours) and she will still *** before I get home on my break to let her out.

The kennel is big enough for her to lay with a few toys and spin in a circle if she needs to. Its not to big, if anything Im thinking of enlarging it.

At night time, she will sleep as long as us with out being let out (7-8 hours) so I know shes able to hold it for more than 3 1/2.

She has plenty of chew toys and even akong ball but nothing seems to calm her.

TV is left on for her.

Im out of thoughts on anything. If shes to young I understand. I never punish her for pottying in her kennel. I just want to know if i should not worry about it. Thanks Dont flame.
No paper train for us, we want her to be able to roam the house when shes older so the kennel will eventually go when shes steady, so that way she wont think she can *** whereever as long as its on paper.

Vizsla Owners Gather Around And inform Me!.Please x)?

Miracle Paws (QUESTION PROFILE) asked:

Well as in my previous post i have found a new love and attraction to the Vizsla breed. I met my first two, a day ago and i am hooked. I have been reading up about them, have been watching videos, talking to the owner of the 2 amazing Vizsla’s i met the other day. They seem like a perfect fit for me. So i am looking so forward into getting one in the near future. I would guess in about a couple more years. I have 3 dogs right now. A Chihuahua a Pomeranian and a Chihuahua/poodle mix. Yes there all toy dogs, so a Vizsla may seen odd for me to all of the sudden want but……I have always had big dogs. I foster and volunteer at my local shelter. Its so happened that the dogs i rescued and kept permanently are all toy dogs lol. I love all dogs big and small (Esp. the Chihuahua!! xD). Anyway, how would a Vizsla handle being with toy dogs? Lets say i get one in 2 years my dogs then will be 2,6 and 7 years old. I know they will be fine with the Vizsla puppy..Its the Vizsla i am worried about are they OK with small dogs? So i have a few questions for you LUCKY Vizsla owners-

Is it true that these dogs are cat-like very clean, clean themselves and have almost no odor?

This is preference but when you decided to get your Vizsla why do you chose that gender? is there a preferred gender?

Are they easy house breakers(potty training)?

Are they agility dogs? Could i do agility with this breed?

All my dogs are Velcro dogs, I love that. Its a trait i prefer, Is your Vizsla a Velcro dog?

At what age are they fully grown?

How big do they typically get?

What should i look for in a Vizsla breeder? (First time buying from a breeder, i have always adopted.)

Thanks everyone!


Purebred Vizsla owners only please :}

There are 4 other dog breeds that i too want to get in the future, but i weighed everything out to see what would be the best fit out of all of them and the Vizsla was the one. But my goal is to get each breed. x)

For those who ask to go through a rescue, id love too, i have NEVER bought a dog before, i have had MANY many dogs and they were all rescues, I foster and volunteer at my local shelter i also sponsor breed rescues. So i think its fair this time to go through a breeder :P. I am buying because i want to show and do agility and all that stuff with a show quality dog.

Thank you very much. 😀
(Sorry once again for the very looonngg question, i tend to do this ALOT!)
Hmmm…..Just noticed i did a lot of rambling in the post..Sorry, Please ignore the rambling x)