Glebe 8th – 9th August

I’m a bit busy so I’ll bunch the two days into this one post. Saturday was an MFS mystery pairs match on Pools 5, 6 and 7. These smaller lakes had been fishing hard all week and today was no exception. Although there was a bit of a breeze it was in the wrong direction for Pools 6 & 7, blowing slightly towards peg 86 but also over your head. I’d drawn peg 95 on Pool 6 which is a pretty dire draw on a good day, so was fearful of what might happen.

With no ripple at all, corn wasn’t going to be any good so decided on a bomb and pellet approach, followed by sloppy groundbait and maggot for the skimmers. Had a couple of fish on the bomb but it was slightly less exciting than watching paint dry. Cast out a pellet waggler where I’d been pinging 6 mm pellets for my bomb line and had a carp first cast..didn’t have another bite !!.

I was quietly confident that I’d catch on dead maggot over sloppy groundbait and indeed I did catch…6″ long skimmers !. Moved tighter in to the margins and potted in sloppy groundbait with corn on the hook. At last, a few bites and a few fish. Not monster carp but decent enough, plus a couple of decent skimmers and a nice hybrid. Finished the day with 67 lb beaten by a 100 lb weight off peg 87 and an 80 lb from end peg 97. The top 3 weights all came from Pool 5 which had a bit more ripple than 6 & 7. It was a bit of a Micky Mouse match, you paid your pools money and then after the match they drew the pairs and combined weight would decide the first 3. Luckily Gaz Wood who had won the match with 150 lb also drew a decent partner and they won the match, I can’t think of anything worse than fishing your heart out only to draw the total numpty e.g. Billy No Fish as partner and end up picking up zip for your efforts. One match per year of this format might just about be bearable but I’d prefer to see none. It wouldn’t be quite so bad if you knew who you’d drawn as a partner before the match, at least you could come up with a cunning plan before failing miserably.

Sunday was the fortnightly Glebe Members Match and there was a good turn out. I didn’t mind where I drew….as long as it was on Pool 1, I’d had enough of the small lakes for the time being. I drew peg 13, yippee, right pool even if it’s not a brilliant peg. There was a bit of ripple starting at about peg 10 and blowing all the way down to peg 30, so it looked possible that I’d catch a few. Once I’d set up I wandered along my section only to find Andy Kinder and Kev Sims in my section of 6 anglers. They are two of the best Glebe anglers around, looked like I might be fishing for third in the section especially as I think they had better pegs, with Andy on 16 and Kev on 19.

There were a few fish swirling in the ripple about half way across the lake, so again started on bomb and pellet. Whilst waiting for a bit I was cupping in hemp and a few grains of corn on the 5 metre line. I caught a couple of fish on the bomb and also managed to lose one or two but the angler on peg 14 was beating me. He was fishing a little drennan feeder on the bomb and pellet line so after an hour I decided it was time to take a look on the corn line.

A bite first cast (which I missed) was a good sign, so it was head down and concentrate. Over the past few weeks it had been a case of cupping in hemp plus a few grains of corn after every fish. This seemed to keep foul-hookers to a minimum. Today was different. Bites were really finicky but those were carp bites. Only trouble was that even though I was doing my potting in hemp trick, I was foul-hooking loads. I tried just tripping bottom, I tried laying a few inches on, I tried holding the bait still, I tried letting it trot with the tow, all to no avail, loads and loads of foul-hookers. When I have days like this I do wonder if I’m actually fishing it wrong. I always like to get back to my top 2 as quickly as possible and then play my fish on a top 2. Most of the time that works fine but on foul hookers (and possibly on real munters) I wonder if I should be adding sections rather than taking them off. Maybe I’m pulling too hard. I came back a couple of times with a scale on the hook, so they were confirmed foul hookers but could one or two of the others have actually been just big fish ?.

I’d been feeding under the tree to my left but all the time that I was catching on the corn line I didn’t want to try the margin. Eventually something snapped my hook length, my fault there was an overhand knot just below my bottom shot. I didn’t mind because it stopped the Stotz sliding down but of course, eventually it broke at that point, serves me right…lazy angler !. This was the opportunity to switch to the margin. There was only 45 minutes of the match left so out went the margin rig (the tree’s real close, only a top 3), pole pot full of mixed groundbait and micros, really dry for a change, and an 8 mm JPz on the hook. 20 seconds and the float buried, a nice 5 pounder to thw net. Had a couple of reasonable skimmers plus some nice sized carp (and a few more foul hookers) but things were going ok. With just 15 minutes to go I caught a mirror carp around 10 lb and decided to put my third net in. What a very good decision !. At the weigh in that net that I’d been filling from the margin had 97 lbs in it and the new net had 20 lb…phew a close call. I finished with 186 lb 8 oz, Kev had 198 lb and Andy K had 201 lb, so as expected, third in my section but a lovely day’s fishing. If I could just solve the foul hooker problem I’d be dangerous.

This coming week is a quiet one for me as far as the Glebe is concerned. We have our return match with the lads at Alders Farm on Wednesday, I’m expecting a good thrashing. Saturday is The ACA Masters at Glebe and Foundation Lakes. I’m helping out with the organisation, and on Sunday we’re at Geary’s on the high bank again, I wonder if I can get disqualified again ?.

Oh, just remembered, last Friday I realised that I hadn’t fished Uglies yet this season and it was the last day of July. Soaked a few Chum mixers and sneaked down there at about 5:30. There was nobody else on the lake. It was flat calm and it looked like a bit of scum had blown into the corner by the toilet block, so settled for the first peg on the end bank. To be honest, I wasn’t sure that I would catch much with it being so calm but I lobbed a few mixers out and a few more into the weeds to my left. After a few minutes there were carp eating the mixers out in the lake and I saw the odd swirl in the weeds. Dropped a mixer (soaked to make it spongy, then hooked onto a size 12 tied to about 8 ft of line which was connected to my pole and purple hydro) into a gap in the weeds. First fish was a superb common of at least 15 lb, a magnificent fish and certainly not ugly. I’d started fishing at 6 pm, and by a quarter to eight I’d had 13 big fish. Couldn’t stop on that unlucky number so added a couple more for good luck and I was going out of the gate at five past 8. A brilliant couple of hours fishing, most of which was spent playing fish…awesome !.

As regular visitors know, the Glebe has a big pair of locked metal gates at the entrance. These gates are normally sufficient to keep any undesirables out. However last week this security van was seen regularly patrolling the fishery. Don’t know if it had anything to do with a bunch of scousers fishing there all week…I know the scousers weren’t pinching the fish…they didn’t catch any !!.

This is the security van that was patrolling the fishery last week. Simmo, any idea what they were doing ??
This is the security van that was patrolling the fishery last week. Simmo, any idea what they were doing ??