Saturday 25 July – Summer League – “GayPairsGate”

Since the last blog post where they wouldn’t let me win the honesty prize I’d fished 6 Glebe matches, weighing in 214 lb, 112 lb, 102 lb, 134 lb, 122 lb and a DNW. This latest round of Kev’s summer league was on Pools 5, 6 & 7 at the Glebe and I’d drawn peg 77, the second peg in on Pool 5. I thought it looked alright although Roy says it’s rubbish and isn’t normally pegged. Fishing on the small lakes had gone a bit funny, in fact just three days earlier I’d tipped back from peg 79 on the fundraising match for the England Ladies team. The carp definitely didn’t want a lot of bait thrown at them, especially corn, so I started by feeding a toss-pot of hemp plus half a dozen grains of corn after every fish. In truth there weren’t very many fish and with two hours to go I was in deep cack. Some people were catching on the feeder and one or two had started to catch on corn at 5 metres. I turned to my old favourite, down the edge feeding groundbait and dead reds. There’s hardly any silver fish in Pool 5 so I was confident about fishing maggot on the hook. Having caught a string of tiny perch plus a few equally tiny skimmers I guessed that maggot on the hook wasn’t the answer and switched to JPZs or corn.

I started to catch a few decent carp and at the end guessed I might have 100 lbs. I was sure that I’d been thrashed by the next two anglers on my right and I’d heard that the angler on the end peg (85) also had over a ton. I was second to be weighed in and was pleasantly surprised to finish with 122 lbs. My neighbour weighed in 118 lbs and there were some other high weights but I’d held on for a lake win.

At the draw that morning Kev had suggested that we have a £5 superpool. He’d then promptly won the match, picking up the match pool and superpool. We also have a pairs competition (£1 per man) where he’d drawn Andy Kinder as partner. Kev had won his lake and Andy was second from his peg on Lake 6. With three points between them they were surely unbeatable. Actually no, they weren’t. There are 21 anglers in the league, so last one out of the hat doubles his score. I’d been last out of the hat, so double my 1 point and I had 2 points. Kev’s face was a picture when I picked up the £21 Gay Pairs money, he was convinced that he’d cleaned up !

On Monday morning there was an email from Kev in my inbox. He was very apologetic but the weights on my lake had been added up wrongly and he wanted the pools money back. He and Andy K were besides themselves with excitement, in fact the first thing that Andy & Sarah mentioned when I saw them at the Maver Match a couple of days later was that the weights were wrong and that they had won the pairs.

This all seemed very odd, how had people decided that the weighing was added up incorrectly some 2 days AFTER the match?. It seems that Kev had posted the weigh sheet on Facebook and people had looked at it and seen what seemed like glaring errors. Phew…I was probably safe. When we’d been weighing in I’d looked at the weigh sheet and seen that the scalesman had made a mistake. It looked like he’d added 6, 58 and 60 and come up with 118 lbs. When I pointed it out to him he explained that the angler had actually weighed in 52 lb on his second weigh and he’d added the 6 to make 58 which he’d written down. Kev and Andy K had seen what looked like 5 or 6 mistakes and had assumed that the scalesman was the local village idiot. He wasn’t, although by doing it the way that he did, it made it impossible to check any of his calculations (note to all scalesmen – write EVERY weight down so that you can check the adding up if there’s a query).

I’m not convinced that “GayPairsGate” has actually been resolved, haven’t seen Kev or Andy since that day. I told Kev that he needed to speak to the scalesman, he’s the only person who knows what he did, so I’m hoping that’s what’s happened. I’ve never heard of a match weight being queried two days after a match and the pools money being redistributed but I guess there’s always a first time.