Total Fishing – Day 2

At the draw Simon Skelton who had drawn Peg 22 yesterday (a really good peg AND nobody on Peg 23) then proceeded to draw Peg 86, the ‘Little Girls Peg’, probably the most famous peg in the UK…can that man draw!.

I drew out Peg 71 on Pool 4 and had the proverbial ‘nightmare’. It’s the deepest peg on Pool 4 and that pool is the deepest on the complex which probably means that I had the deepest peg on The Glebe. Not surprisingly it’s a brilliant winter peg, the fish all huddle up and shiver in that peg however it was allegedly mid-summer and I really didn’t fancy it. It was gonna take about 20 minutes for my corn to reach the bottom!. Incidentally, it’s apparently one of the best feeder pegs on the lake but about as much use to me as a blind guidedog.

With the peg being so deep I decided to fish corn on top 2 + 1, it was still about 5 ft deep there, and still sloping off into the depths. The margins looked a bit more promising with the right hand side having a fairly flat area for about 10 ft from the bank. It was still deeper than I’d have wanted but at least it looked likely to hold fish.

I’ll not go into much detail today, nothing much seemed to work, I was foul-hooking (and losing) loads. About halfway through the match Roy Marlow came along the bank and took pity on me, he could see that I was fishing like a haddock!. He has a patented fish catching method that basically involved having a box full of rigs all set to 4 ft deep. He plumbs up until he finds 4 ft of water and fishes there. Cupping in groundbait and fishing maggot on the hook he plops the rig in so that the hook will finish right in the middle of the falling groundbait. He regularly wins the silvers prizes and the method catches it’s fair share of carp although it can’t compete with corn if they’re really ‘having it’. After my training session I did manage to catch a few, in fact at the end of the match I weighed in 1 lb more than yesterday but it had none of the satisfaction of yesterday. Rick ‘Happy Dangler’ Baxter weighed in 165 lb from end peg 66 and Andrew Williams fished an absolute stormer to weigh in 200 lb of corn caught fish from Peg 73. So third on the lake.

Big congratulations to Simon Skelton, Jamie Adcock and Kev Sims who filled the first three places on the 2 day event, all of them winning their section both days and the result being decided to weight.