Wednesday Evening Members Match #2 – June 10th

We had the usual gang plus a couple of new faces for this evening’s match. The weather was calm and exceedingly cool for flaming June. Gordon was poorly, so ever dependable Andrew Williams took over the running of the match.

Again I wanted a high number and this time the drawing arm was in form, Peg 24…very nice. After last week’s fish catching fest everybody was looking forward to another brilliant bagging session but one thing I’ve learned in my three years on this fishery is that the carp can be very moody and easily affected by climatic conditions. With that in mind I potted in just a third of a pot of hemp and corn on the 5m line and fed a bit of groundbait down the edges. As I’ve said in in earlier post, with this approach I expect a bite within 30 seconds. This time there was no bite !.

After 10 minutes I hadn’t heard anybody landing a fish. Andrew W next door on 22 was trying to force them to start feeding by lashing in copious amounts of hemp and corn, I knew that was a serious error.

I just sat there, lifting and dropping the bait and slowly but surely began to string a few fish together. My feed was limited to half a dozen grains of corn plus a few grains of hemp after every fish, you’d often feed heavier than that in the middle of winter.

At the end of the match I’d caught 88 lb, all on the 5m line. I hadn’t seen a sign of a fish in the margins and I’d used about half a tin of corn. As the scales worked their way down the bank I could see that it had been a very difficult match for all the anglers and my 88 lb was the winning weight.

There’s a very important lesson to be taken from this match, on the right day you can feed as much as you like and they’ll eat the lot but just occasionally those fish can be extremely moody and you really do have to take it steady. Once you’ve lashed it in you can’t take it out again !.