Wednesday Evening Members Match #3 – June 17th

What A Nightmare !!

When I walked the dog at about 3pm yesterday afternoon there was a lovely warm wind blowing, I thought it would fish its socks off last night. However as we got towards the 6pm start time the wind dropped light. I’d drawn Peg 8, a real good edge peg, you fish under the bush on your right. However the bush hadn’t been trimmed much which made it a bit more difficult. It’s the only peg on Pool 1 where there’s something that the fish can get into and snag you up, an overflow pipe that goes down to the other lakes. If it was just a pipe sticking up it wouldn’t be too bad but there’s something else that runs down beside it and the fish try and go through the gap between them. Sometimes you can add a section or two and push the fish around the far side of the pipe but with the bush hanging down it was all a bit tricky. Having made all those excuses I only lost one carp on the pipe and another when the hook pulled as it tried to reach the snag.

So, usual evening match plan…feed some hemp & corn in front of me and some groundbait in the margins. Peg 8 must be one of the deepest pegs on the lake at the 5m line, and when I plumbed up I found that I could only fish top 2 + one and a bit sections unless I either added more line or the rig or chose a different rig. Being lazy and short on time I settled for fishing closer than I normally do, don’t know if it made any difference but I’ll add it to my list of excuses anyway.

After half an hour I’d had a couple of smallish carp and a single skimmer. Kev Russell walked past and said that Wilkie on Peg 4 had started getting a few down the edge and I could see Andrew Williams catching down the edge of Peg 11. Switched over to the margin rig and nothing seemed right. You have those days sometimes, I couldn’t make up my mind exactly where to fish in the margin, there isn’t much of a flat area and everything seemed to be too steep a slope for my liking. My confidence was gone and everything started to fall apart. I was feeding my normal GB and micro pellet mix but not in the liquid form because the swim seemed a bit too deep  and steep, I didn’t want everything getting wafted down the shelf to end up in 5ft of water. Started on triple dead reds and caught a perch, a skimmer and the smallest carp in the lake…all of 6″. Switched to 8mm JPz, had a couple of carp and a skimmer then hooked and lost a decent fish. Next cast lost another one, and the cast after that the fish ran me into the snag. Surely it couldn’t get any worse?.

Well, it didn’t get any worse, but nor did it get much better. The wind had completely died on that first straight (Pegs 1-8) whereas there was a ripple once you got round the corner on Pegs 11 onwards. Switching between corn, Credence Corn and JPz I caught a few more carp and skimmers. Couldn’t find any carp of a decent size and was missing tons of bites, proving that the fish were not really in the mood for a munch.

At the final whistle Wilkie on Peg 4 weighed in 80 lb, I had 75 lb and the weights increased as we went round the corner. Roy Marlow won our little section from Peg 16 with a weight of 107 lb which included 62 lb of skimmers. The stretch of bank between pegs 11 and 18 is brilliant skimmer fishing but for some reason they never seem to move into the first straight in any numbers.

So that’s it, my lowest weight of the season, maybe I’m on the slippery slope to obscurity. Let’s hope not, we’ve got the Total Fishing 2 dayer on Friday & Saturday and it’d be nice to catch a few although there’s a lot of local experts on the entry list so it won’t be easy.