Wednesday Evening Members Match #4 – June 24th

What A Fishery !!

A Maver Match This match was scheduled for Cudmore fishery on a weekend date. In 6 months they received about a dozen entries. The match was rescheduled for The Glebe on a TUESDAY and it sold out within 24 hours. I’m not the only person to think this is the best match fishery in the country.

A few regulars were missing last night leaving only 8 of us to fish. I drew Peg 16, hadn’t fished that one for ages. I often make one bad decision during a match, this time I made two!.

Decided that I would fish maggot and groundbait because it had served me well over the last few weeks. Corn won it !. Decided on an area in the peg where I would catch lots, with thirty minutes to go to the end of the match Uncle Roy wanders along and says “why are you fishing there? – when I won the match last week I fished THERE”. When I asked him why he chose to fish THERE he said it was because he’d seen Wilkie catching from THERE the week before.

So, standard set-up, find 4ft of water to the side of the peg and cup in slop, with maggot on the hook. Only variations were that the maggots were in Sanagi rather than Krill. Roy always says that silvers don’t like Sanagi, so I thought that I’d catch more carp…Wrong!. I’d also run out of scopex smelly stuff, so used up the remains of a bottle of even smellier stuff.

On the whistle I cupped in a Drennan pot full of groundbait and also put half a cupful down the edges tight to the bank. First put in a little perch…next five put-ins 5 more perch. Then I hooked a carp which I lost where the maggot had gone over the point of the hook. That was the last carp that I was to see for nearly two hours. Kept catching a mixture of all the wrong species, tiny skimmers. perch, brown goldfish, crucians and tench. Tried a few other spots with similar results. Tried corn on the hook and caught a couple of proper skimmers but you had to wait forever for a bite and the float was bobbing around as tiny fish tried to eat the bait.

Eventually, remembering how I’d caught straight in front of me on a top 3 last Saturday I tried that. How very odd, I seemed to be about the same distance from the bank as when I first started and I was maybe 10 ft from my original spot. I still couldn’t catch any carp but I started catching decent sized skimmers without a single nuisance fish.

I could hear Andrew Williams on my right catching plenty of carp and I could see Doddy on my left also catching carp. I knew that I’d blown it big time…Oh well…c’est la vie.

When Roy wandered along with half an hour to go I had just 2 carp and some skimmers in the net. He suggested that I might feed a bit heavier i.e. fill the pole pot right up because he was sure that the carp were charging around in mid-water eating the small amount of bait that was going down. He was right, I then caught a carp under the arm, another in the tail and finally one in the gob, plus a few more skimmers.

I was pretty sure that I was last on the match but as the scales came along I could see that the weights weren’t all that impressive. Andrew next door had 160 lb for the match win and my carp weighed 23 lbs. To my amazement my skimmers weighed 61 lbs, so a total of 84 lbs and third in the match. Not bad for a three hour  match where I did everything wrong.

Funniest thing on the night was that as the evening went on I could see more and more bright orange elastic hanging from the end of Doddy’s pole. It was a new elastic and as they always do when you catch a few fish on them it had stretched a bit. He didn’t want to re-tie the dacron connector on the bank and at the other end the knot had jammed in the side pulla. Each fish that he caught saw this dangly orange elastic get longer and longer…quite amusing!.